MALU Abattoir’s construction started in 1997 and June of 1998 the first 30 pigs were slaughtered.

Currently we slaughter 470 pigs per day. These carcasses are dispatched to our deboning plant where they are sold as a whole or processed into a wide product range. Click here to see our products Malu Pork Product


MALU firmly believes in the humane handling of our animals. Our philosophy is that the better you treat your animals the better they will treat you when it comes to results. The quality of pork meat are definitely determined by the handling of the pig during its lifetime.

First, the animals are electronically stunned, which renders them totally unconscious.
The next step is bleeding, where a small incision is made to sever the main artery. Remember the pig is unconscious so it is unaware of what is happening and can’t feel any pain (for them it is like going to sleep).

After bleeding out, the carcass enters a stainless steel tank filled with hot (63°C) water. This softens the hair on the carcass.

Once scalding is done the carcass goes into a dehairing machine, which removes 90% of the hair on the carcass. The next three steps are crucial to ensure our carcasses are the best possible quality.

We have 10 employees, called shavers. They are responsible for shaving all excess hair left on the carcass. This first part of our process is finalized by our competent QC who inspects every single carcass to make sure the quality is 100%.

The carcasses are now pushed into our clean area which is the most hygienic part of the abattoir. Evisceration, grading and compulsory food safety checks are done in this area. We start by taking out the intestines and then the red offal (lungs, liver and heart) to be presented for inspection.

Our meat inspection is done by an independent company. This is a very thorough process. Every single carcass is inspected and goes through various checks, to make sure they are fit for human consumption.

Once the inspection is done the carcasses are graded and are all given a barcoded ID tag and tattoo to make sure every carcass is traceable to its origin.

The carcasses are moved to our chillers where they will cool down for the next 18 hours to 4°C.
Now our carcasses are ready to be dispatched.
Enjoy MALU quality products!