Feed Mill

Feed Mill

In 2004 we decided to build our own feed mill to ensure that our pigs get the best possible feed by having full control over all the ingredients used. During March 2020 we upgraded the feed mill to meet our feed need for two 1200 sow piggeries, keeping in mind that our third piggery will also soon be in production.

The new feed mill has an increased capacity of producing an astonishing 18-ton of feed per hour.

We mix 7 different rations for pigs of different ages and stages of production.

  • Gilt grower to all young sows growing to become mothers.
  • Dry sow mix for all pregnant sows.
  • Lactating sow mix for sows giving milk to piglets.
  • Creep feed to all piglets up to 42 days old.
  • Weaner feed for pigs up to 70 days old and
  • 2 more rations for growing pigs up to slaughter age of 140 days.

MALU pigs only eat a fully balanced dry feed mix as formulated by a nutritionist, NO waste feed from kitchens are used!