Humane Handling


MALU strives to have happy animals, who are looked after by our well-trained staff. Our Staff are being trained and evaluated on an ongoing basis to ensure that they are competent to handle our beloved animals humanely.

The transportation used to transport MALU’s pigs are safe, thus the animals hardly ever get injured when travelling from one destination to another.

Our housing is of the best standard in the industry. The animals are protected against harsh weather conditions, especially the oppressive heat we experience in the areas our piggeries are established. Furthermore, we are in the process of changing from individual sow stalls to group sow housing. From January 2021 our piggeries will house sows in a sow crate friendly environment

PORK 360:

The Pork 360 system is used to continuously audit MALU’s practice and documentation to ensure that we comply with food safety protocols. The full MALU value chain is Pork 360 accredited.

Follow this link to read more about Pork 360,


Currently, we only have one piggery that obtained compartmentalisation status, MALU Matlabane. This is another audit system that enables the supplier to produce pigs that can be slaughtered for the export market.

MALU’ staff share one philosophy when handling the pigs – the better you treat your animals, the better they will treat you when it comes to the results.