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Charles and Raedun Malherbe bought the farm Pax on the banks of the Vaal river in 1967 and started farming with various produce & livestock. Late one Sunday night in 1968 when a relative of Charles phoned to say one of his sows had died and there where 12 piglets in need of care, Charles and Raedun decided to take care of these piglets on the stoep of their farm house, and MALU piggery was born. 

Today MALU is the largest producer of pork in the Northern Cape & Free state area. MALU has turned into a diverse group of companies, involved from primary agriculture to producing some of the finest pork meat in South Africa. 

MALU is a family owned business and we believe in family values when it comes to business. MALU follows a business model of vertical integration through all production processes where value is added to products in every stage of production. We live by one goal and that is Quality, Quality, and Quality! We follow this principle throughout all our businesses, and place an extremely high premium on customer satisfaction. 

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